Latex space reducing hacks

  1. Reduce space above and below equations: Place following lines after \begin{document}

2.  Reduce space above and below section/subsection titles. Place these lines before beginning the document.

*{\section} {0pt}{2\baselineskip}{3\baselineskip}
\titlespacing*{\subsection} {0pt}{2\baselineskip}{3\baselineskip}

This answer is copied from this StackOverflow link. In Springer, llncs format I found this sucks but a hack around the same is provided in this StackOverflow answer. It really works!!.


Side by side latex figure/table placement

1.  Place two figures side by side with separate captions and labels [copied from


2. Place Table and a Figure side by side.   [source:

\usepackage{capt-of}% or \usepackage{caption}

    \begin{tabular}{ l r r r }
      Student & Hours/week & Grade \\
      Ada Lovelace & 2 & A \\
      Linus Thorvalds & 8 & A \\
      Bruce Willis & 12 & F \\
      Richard Stallman & 10 & B \\
      Grace Hopper & 12 & A \\
      Alan Turing & 8 & C \\
      Bill Gates & 6 & D \\
      Steve Jobs & 4 & E \\
    \caption{Student Database}
    \captionof{figure}{2-D scatterplot of the Student Database}

Insert Latex equations and tables in Powerpoint and Keynote

At times we need to copy the Latex equations and tables in our presentation slides prepared either in Microsoft Powerpoint or Apple Keynote. There are many options to do the same but here I will explain a simple approach

  1. Ensure that LatexiT is already installed on your machine. If it is not installed download a fresh copy from this link
  2. Open LatexiT and copy the required latex equation/table from your latex file into the LatexiT editor. Make sure that you remove- begin{table}, begin{equation} type of commands.   After copying, click on LaTeX it button at bottom right to generate equations and tables
  3. Once your equation/table is drawn, save the file using from File Menu.

There are different options for customizing the output such as font size, installing new packages.