Local Outlier Factor

Local outlier Factor (LoF) is another density based approach to identify outliers in a dataset. The LoF is applicable to identify outliers in a dataset, which has a mixture of data distributions.

Figure showing the dense and sparse distribution of points [Source: Google images]
The above figure shows two different distributions, a dense cluster of points and a sparse distribution of points.  In such datasets, for each specific distribution within a dataset, we should perform outlier detection locally, i.e., points within one distribution should not affect outlier detection in another cluster. The LoF algorithm follows the same intuition and calculates anomaly score for  each point within a distribution as:

  1. For each data point X , let D^k(X) represent distance of point X to its k^{th} neighbor, and L_{k}(X) represent set of points within D^k(X)
  2. Compute reachability distance for each data point, X  as                                     R_{k}(X, Y) = max(dist(X,Y), D^k(Y))
  3. Compute Average reachability distance AR_{k}(X) of data point X as                         AR_{k}(X) = MEAN_{Y \in L_{k}(X)} R_{k}(X, Y)
  4. In the final step, LOF score for each point, X is calculated as:                                                            LOF_{k}(X) = MEAN_{Y \in L_{k}(X)} \frac{AR_{k}(X)}{AR_{k}(Y)}

To find the best value of k , it is always good to follow ensemble approach, i.e., use a range of k values to calculate LOF scores and then use a specific method to combine the outlier scores.



  1. Book: Outlier Analysis by Charu Aggarwal
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Hacks in Document and Presentation preparation


At times we need to insert Mathematical formulae in presentations (Powerpoint or Keynote),  and both Powerpoint and Keynote allow this by default. But, for guys, who are much comfortable with latex, then a simple and time-saving way is to copy the latex equation in LaTeXiT utility. Another advantage with this is that you can open the past file for editing at any time with this utility. Two simple steps required are:

  1. Copy latex equation or write at first-hand in the lower window of the utility
  2. Save output as pdf or image file. Note you can change the default font size of text in the same utility. Also, additional packages can be added in preamble through menu as LateX- > Show preamble

Here, is the screenshot of LaTeXiT utility

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 12.23.48


Please find the detailed steps at this page of the blog.